Ángel de la Rubia

11 February 2009

Photographs in digital frames and lightboxes

This proposal is part of a body of work created by Ángel de la Rubia around the Nalon river basin, a region immersed in a process of change and the area from which his mother’s family comes. He formulates this essentially photographic work from a genealogical viewpoint, halfway between history and personal identity. The exhibition thus includes the photographic installation Galería, created after a visit to Pozo Carrio, one of the few shafts still active in the area. The black and white photographs generate a bond between coal and its representation, and the generational link it establishes projects the discourse outwards to the surrounding social landscape.

The new piece, Fachada interior, looks at the workers’ houses so common in the area, contrasting their functionality —originally associated with a desire for social control— with the intimacies and bonds that dwell within them.