Folded in

Personal Cinema & the Erasers

9 May 2008


Folded in is a project about the notion of borders and their representation in the social networks of the web 2.0. User-generated systems like YouTube show that users tend to reproduce in the web the same prejudices, superstitions and nationalistic beliefs of the real world and shape similar types of borders and even conflicts in the form of video wars. 
The project attempts a détournement of the representational space of YouTube, by transforming it into a game space, and by respectively turning the selected videos and the tags into game elements. Users are asked to cross tag – borders, conquer and map territories evaluating the data they watch. The Folded in project wishes to contribute to the semi utopian idea of the creation of the thoughtful gamer. What type of sociality does the ‘Social Web’ produce and for whom? Can we liberate ourselves from prejudices and beliefs through play?