Lot Amorós, Cristina Navarro & Alexandre Oliver (Aeracoop)

19 March 2013

Quadcopter, official police papers, video

Flone by Aeracoop is a small, ‘homemade’ drone that uses a smartphone as its flight controller. It explores novel ways to occupy public space, in particular the air, and claims the right to use it before legislation makes it illegal.
Flone is an example of a ‘citizen drone’: designed from and for critical citizens. It is made using free software and open source hardware, it is low-cost, diy and powerful, and small enough for carry it in a backpack. Not only is the Flone an object, is also a manifesto: the reclaim of airspace as a part of public space. Flone works to transform the air itself into veritable public space.

Courtesy: Aeracoop