filMO is back

30th june – 30th september 2010

LABoral´s mobile film festival is back with more sections, prizes and the take-away concerts.


filMO, the mobile film festival filMO is back. you can use phones, cameras and no micro-camera HDl. You can participate fro free uploading your film to the festival website: www.filmolaboral.com

General sections:

-The extraoficial: where we accept all kind of videos, mobile videos

-Minute-sequence: one shot, one minute to portrait…¿reality?

-MobileWord: combine words and images like in a poem or a rap.

Awards and Jury

-Jury Prize (on the unofficial section, the jury votes).
-Audience Award (on section unofficial public vote on-line).
-Award-minute sequence (on the minute-string section, the jury votes).
-Award-videopoems (votes The Gaviero Editions).

The jury is chaired by filMO BACK Jose Luis Cienfuegos, Director of the International Film Festival of Gijón.
The projection of videos and awards finalists will take place during the 48th International Film Festival of Gijón.

Firms invited. Emerging artists and filmmakers dare to pocket-film.

Take-away concerts
Pop-rock groups choose a place of their city where they want to record a video on the fly. Download them free.

The best videos will also be screened in a special screening during Gijón International Film Festival, on november 2010: www.gijonfilmfestival.com