Fileta’s Rockenroll Suicide

Elise Florentino

5 April 2024

Paraíso Ciguapa is a project initiated by the artist Elise Florentino in 2021, and articulated through various techniques including sculpture, especially during her stay at LABoral. This is the first of two projects centred around the Afro issue, influenced by the time the artist has spent studying in the city of La Romana, in the Dominican Republic. During this stay, Florentino had the opportunity, after years of being away and not knowing her homeland, to reconnect with the mysticism and magical realism of the Caribbean.

Fileta’s Rockenroll Suicide (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, 1973) (2024) is a charcoal drawing that depicts Fileta, one of the main characters in Paraíso Ciguapa, in an effort to escape from a place that does not recognise her as a person.