Fernanda Álvarez

Graphic artist

Educated at the Escuela de Arte de Oviedo as senior technician of engraving, tooling techniques and edition of art, the work of Fernanda Álvarez has to be understood in an autobiographical way. Childhood, family, grow up, are recurring topics in her pieces; through which she tries to understand her world and the world.

The work of Fernanda Álvarez moves among the territories of gender, memory and the places of conquest, they are little interventions that occupy the spaces, intervening directly over the walls in which little pieces full of subtlety are inserted. Self-referential images to her childhood, silhouettes that try to evoke past worlds, accompanied with readable texts, of flowers of the lost and missed garden. The loss of innocence, the inner experiences, are projected from an iconography that makes it recognizable, pieces full of a poetic that links with works of feminine nature and autobiographic.