Fablab School EU – Final Conference Palermo

25 October 2018

Come to the Final Conference of the FABLAB school EU project in Palermo, where you will be able to see, hear and experience the use of Fablab technology and thinking in various academic subjects. The final results of the projects will be presented at the conference, including an introduction and explanation of the design circle by Rachel Smith.

The manual with the methodological principles and the different projects carried out by the teachers throughout the project will also be presented and shared with the public. The conference is open to a wide audience, ranging from teachers to policy makers and other stakeholders. In it, participants will not only be able to get a complete idea of ​​the scope that derives from the use of Fablab techniques and methodologies in the classroom in several European countries, but they will also be able to experience for themselves, in workshops and with practical examples, the various phases of the design cycles, guided by teachers participating in the project.

Related events: Fablearn Education Conference in the Netherlands – Eindhoven Maker Faire – September 29-30, 2018. A conference full of inspiration, support and connection, presenting best practices in the field of “creation education” in relation to the international Fablearn network. There will be presentations and talks by Dutch and international experts in this field, such as Paulo Blikstein, from Stanford University, who is behind the creation of the Fablearn network, or Arjan van de Meij, pioneer in the field of fablab education. and who attended one of the sessions of the last workshop of the FABLAB school EU project in Tilburg. There will also be meetings with experts, presentations of papers and master classes.

Agenda: more informationhere

More information: https://makereducation.nl/