Experiencia Trascendental en la cumbre

16th august 2014

Picnic of summer and electronic music produced by Sound LAB

‘Experiencia Trascendental en la cumbre’ Unusual electronic music typically withouth academic affiliation proposes an open public meeting which mixed the typical picnic of summer and the experimental electronic music featured through Asturian and international sound artists.

During the day the public can attend with their food and participate in the activity during the afternoon in the recreation area Monte Deva (El Pinar) in Gijón.
In this picnic will enjoy performances by a group of Dj’s of international projection which a will offer broad spectrum of the most unusual electronic music show. Also amazing shirts with unique designs will be available in a limited edition of some of the guest artists.

Mark Fell (Rotherdam – Editions Mego) dj
L.C.C. (Gijón – Editions Mego) dj
Rian Treanor (Rotherdam) dj
Dot Tape Dot (Avilés – LABoral) dj
Regalín Cósmico (Gijón – Fium) dj


LABoral grande 2 líneas