Evidence Dolls

Dunne & Raby

15 January 2005


These specially adapted dolls offer insurance against future paternity disputes by acting as repositories for lovers’ DNA. Each doll is defined by penis size (S, M, L). The original versions were made from white plastic so that features could be noted using an indelible marker, but they now come in a variety of ethnic skin colours. Faces, sent using a 3G phone camera, are printed onto the doll after purchase at no extra cost. This surreptitious method of capturing a facial image is particularly effective following the awkwardness of intimacy between strangers. There are special hidden pouches in the doll for storing hair and sperm samples. The hair clipper ring makes hair sampling very easy, while used condoms are the best sperm collectors, although sometimes difficult to obtain. Many guides are available offering advice and tips on extraction and seduction techniques. There are numerous accessories including clothes, fashion accessories, hairstyles.