Everyday Guerrillas. Performing Arts and Feminisms

Workshop-meeting on current feminist thought and practices in relation to stage creation.

Until 13 December 2014

Everyday Guerrillas. Escénicas y feminismos is a workshop-meeting that links current feminist thought and practices with stage creation, with the aim of offering participants some of the necessary tools to critically and consciously analyse the world and themselves through practical reflection.

This meeting, created by Blanca Ortiga and Jara Cosculluela, and taught on this occasion by the latter and Paula Alonso, seeks, according to its organisers, to share the tools of social and personal transformation “that help us to sustain our own everyday guerrillas and open up avenues of collective research that take into account the potential of transformative work from praxis, lived reality, bodies and affections”.

Guerrillas cotidianas proposes to develop the most relevant notions put forward by contemporary feminisms, to account for the positions of subalternity of women and other subjects of feminisms, the power of empowerment processes and networks between women and the rich nexus that exists between feminist transformative strategies and stage tools.

The workshop Guerrillas Cotidianas, which was already held at LABoral on 27 and 28 June 2014, is an extension of the cycle COTIDIANAS: una panorámica sobre procesos artísticos y feminismos, coordinated by the same artists, which took place at AlhóndigaBilbao (Bilbao) from 11 to 14 June 2011.

To participate, no previous experience is necessary, just curiosity!

Price: 10 euros
Prior registration is required before 8 December

Friday 12: 16 to 19 h.
Saturday 13th: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
On Saturday we will have a costume lunch (bring food, and we will share).

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