Esther Cuesta


Born in Avilés, 1964

Esther Cuesta continues to travel with ink, on glued tissue papers, imaginary cities and landscapes, magical worlds, with a naive appearance and great appeal.

The artist delves into the fragmentary, into the torn and superimposed pieces of paper with which she achieves a rugged pictorial skin, with different textures. The series combines inks with glazes and transparencies from which a geometric landscape emerges. And as has already been highlighted on previous occasions, there is a balanced lyricism that opts for a figurative language surrounded by abstraction, with the spots of color spreading throughout the painting, sometimes dominating the space and leaving the cities diluted before this demonstration. of expressiveness. In some works, bubbles float in the wide fields of color that hide mysterious landscapes inside, in others the movement is part of the composition, imprinting vividness. In these works the perspective is altered and the buildings turn threateningly over the viewer or hide behind the stain, as if they really came to life and were part of an animated show. They are images that are found in our memory, that are also located in our childhood and that multiply in the stories and movies that are part of our imagination. In this geography of fantasy, the territory is a close and distant place, circular and hermetic, obsessive and deep, in which we find very diverse elements – the forest, the houses, the clouds – that make up a common, shared place.

Jaime Luis Martin