Juan José Pulgar

28 December 2006

12 photographs. 40 x 50 cm. Acknowledgments: Ayuntamiento de Gijón & Museo del Pueblo de Asturias.

Juan José Pulgar starts out from two photos, two layers of time that share the same scenario. One is utterly pervaded by horror, violence, fear and uncertainty. The other is chosen randomly from among the many everyday scenes of today. Between the two there is a (relative) chasm of time and an even greater collective emotional abyss. For the inhabitants of the city they are easily recognisable places, landscapes and spaces visited by tourists, which often become invisible precisely because they are taken for granted, yet they are so full of content. Ensambles borrows the idea of taking the city as a layered body of ghosts; locating us in the place of their gaze, sharing this space and examining the various possible interpretations opened up.