Encuentro Orbitando Satélites

10th to 14th may 2011

Public presentation / performance saturday 14.05.11 19h-21h at Plat0 LABoral and Moscow Laboratoria “Space Sentiments” by stream. Follow here (open with VLC or recent browser) http://experimentaltv.org:8000/plataformacero.ogg

Orbitando Satellites proposes an exercise in the visibilisation and investigation of these “rarae aves” that operate in habitually imperceptible frequencies and distances. We listen to them with DIY antenas and radios, showing how to locate them and observe them with free hardware and software.

In the tradition of the independent groups involved in the creation of free/libre infrastructures the meeting unites amateurs and experts, from various countries and cultures, to develop a declaration which poetically sketches this occult ring that surrounds us.

Trying to invert the logic of the panopticon, we observe the satelites that are observing us, exploring their political dimensions as an opaque system of control as well as a potentially liberating force. Using visualisation and play techniques we investigate the poetics of satelites, developing new astrologies and detailled mythologies.

And, finally, we design our own communications / observation satelite, to be launched in July 2011 by balloon, around the same time as the inauguration which will visualise our investigation.

Some key themes and topics :

▪    Satellites and micro-satellites.
▪    Dispositives of power y contra-power.
▪    Listening to satellites. Satellite Hacking,
▪    The Astrology y Astronomy of satellites
▪    Celestial voices, Satellite soundart
▪    Design of open source satelite with radio & wimax
▪    Estratoferic baloons, Drones and Kites
▪    Arduino in space.
▪    Space politics.
▪    Satellite Tracking and Radiofrequencies
▪    GNU/Radio USRP Software Defined Radio
▪    Calculating & charting celestial mechanics
▪    Orbital Dreams


▪    Politics and Poetics of satellites. MSST, Joanna Griffin, Reni Hoffmuller ….
▪    de/Construction of a satellite. David Pello
▪    Listening, Spotting y Sousveillance. Alejo Duque

Registration closed

Fee: free registration. Send cv and letter stating your interest to info@plataformacero.cc


Sessions at Plat0 are streamed at the following URL:

http://experimentaltv.org:8000/plataformacero.ogg (Download VLC to see it.)

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