Encounter_#e6_Science fiction, Nuria Rodríguez

Sixth open meeting of the Transferencias project. The arts, sciences and new forms of the local

7 May 2016

“I believe in the power of imagination to remake the world, release the truth within us, drive away the night, transcend death, enchant the highways, ingratiate ourselves with the birds and secure the secrets of crazy people…”

This fragment of a manifesto by the writer JG Ballard, touches on key themes of the science fiction genre: technology, nature, fear, imagination, the human… With it Nuria Rodríguez, translator and independent researcher, opens the last Transfers session to review some of the writers, philosophers, filmmakers and artists who have used science fiction in their reflections on the frontiers of humanity. From disciplines such as feminism and postcolonialism, questions of identity and otherness, of relationships with technology, nature and the future are opened, thus generating utopian or dystopian worlds in which we see ourselves reflected.

This meeting is part of the Transfers project. The arts, sciences and new forms of the local, a Laboratory of Philosophy in the context of the exhibition Raw material which raises the idea of ​​the plurality of arts and sciences and the need to generate collaborative processes of knowledge transfer to strengthen common knowledge.

The project, by the Econodos collective (Lorena Lozano and Verónica G. Ardura) is structured around six meetings with presentations, interviews and debates, inviting the community of creators to reflect on the social and political meaning of digital technologies and their ethical and aesthetic implications.