Elvis was Here

Onkar Kular

25 September 2008


The social manufacturing and reengineering of the Elvis Persona. Elvis was Here is an Elvis themed workshop hosted at primary schools throughout the UK with the purpose of addressing questions concerning the legal definition of impersonation and authenticity. The workshops are conducted with the eventual aim of breaking the world record for the “most Elvis impersonators in one location” (currently standing at 147), by training children up to a minimum standard of quality that would legally define them as “impersonators”. Working with legendary Elvis Tribute Artist Paul Richie, each class-based activity is designed around the structure of a year four primary school curriculum and the three basic acts of impersonation: Act-a-like, Look-a-like and Sound-a-like. The first Elvis was Here day took place at St Saviour’s Church of England primary school in Herne Hill (London) in June 2008.