Dominic Redfern

4 May 2003


In a suburban kitchen, in the small hours of the morning, a man encounters a shimmering “double” of himself as he wanders from bedroom to bathroom. The man overcomes his initial fear and tries to communicate before attempting unification with his doppelganger, trying to escape a perpetual 2:00 am of fear and transcendence. Dominic Redfern has been experimenting with the elasticity of screen and story space. This has been achieved through the use of his own image in combination with a variety of self-reflexive and auto-narrative devices within the form, material and installation of his video work. Electro extends these ideas by employing cinematic devices and the sci-fi notion of the “double”, calling up such cinematic references as Brian De Palma’s Body Double, David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers and John Carpenter’s Starman.