Élan D’Orphium


He graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (2015) with Erasmus at Camberwell College (UAL, London, 2014). In 2019 she received the UCM Excellence Scholarship and completed the Master in Contemporary Art Research and Creation (MIAC).

Participate in programs such as Matadero creates the Matadero Artistic Residency Center; XXXI Plastic Arts Circuits of the Community of Madrid (2021); “But is this art?” in CA2M (2019); Encounters Without Credits in Sala el Águila (2018); Ordinary Sociology, in Medialab Prado (2018); as an assistant in ”The death of the clinic” in the activity We speak for our difference in MNCARS (2019); Intermediae (2018-2019); AMIL Project and Matadero Residences (Lima, 2019); “Lima is not Madrid” in Espacio ESpositive (2019); SALMON FESTIVAL together with Las Bajas Pasiones (Barcelona, ​​2020); “What comes back is a butterfly” at Aldama Fabre Gallery (2019); Karabanchel Transfeminist Conferences (2019) and Transmaribibollo Conferences (2008/19); QUEER FURY (2019); La Roboterie (Rome, 2019); STARDVST (2019) and Minitel (2019).