Edu Comelles meets José Luis Espejo

26th june 2014

In the framework of Edu Comelles’ residency, a conversation with José Luis Espejo, Mediateletipos.

During his residency at LABoral, Edu Comelles will develop Paisajes Imposibles, a generative sound installation that aims to show an invented landscape. This soundscape is made up of an infinite number of atmospheres, sounds or sets of sounds from different origins. Paisajes Imposibles is a sound collage, a recreation of an imaginary landscape created from scraps of other realities with the aim of exploring new creative paths and new formats for showing the soundscape.

José Luis Espejo researches on art and listening from different platforms such as Mediatelipos or Ursonate, reflecting on the relationship between sound and disciplines and practices such as architecture, politics or history.
The meeting is conceived as a conversation in which to reflect on the work produced by Comelles in a broader theoretical context.

Activity subsidised by the Consejería de Cultura y Deporte del Gobierno del Principado de Asturias.