ecoLAB. Session May 26

26th may 2012

In the morning the group works in the South Patio aerating the compost bin, conditioning the space, cleaning the beds and collecting nasturtium and marigold flowers.

For lunch, we will share the Arab aromas and flavors with the typical Moroccan dish “couscous” that Melania Fraga prepares, for whom cooking becomes an action of giving, caring, and sharing.

At 4:00 p.m. ecoLAB presents the general lines and calendar of the Sustainability Project on natural self-construction and ecodesign. At 5:00 p.m., within the cycle of debates that reflect on how art and contemporary creation can contribute to the construction of the landscape, Manuel Carrero de Roa will talk to us about some paradigms of urban sustainability.

Information: / 985 185 577

Sustainability Project: consists of the design and construction of a “tendejón” structure to be installed in the South Patio of Laboral and the creation of basic furniture by the work groups participating in the ecoLAB meetings, open to anyone interested in participate in the process.

A brief tour of the various sustainable construction systems is made and the needs and functionalities planned for the South Patio are analyzed, showing examples of similar projects and initiatives, and the proposed construction solution.

The design and construction of the structure will be carried out by Rens Willet, Dutch engineer, naval carpenter and self-builder, specialist in natural and low-impact construction systems, who will coordinate the self-construction workshop that will take place in June in collaboration with the Zoohaus collective.

Likewise, the approach will be established for the design of basic furniture that would be installed in the South Patio of Laboral Centro de Arte, following the premises of its low cost and easy installation, and being built through the reuse or recycling of materials.

In the design and construction, autonomy in the use of energy and the optimal integration of the ecological, economic and social needs of the system will be sought.

Activity subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Government of the Principality of Asturias