ecoLAB. 29th and 30th June

29th to 30th june 2012

Low-tech monitor architecture self-construction workshop

Collective self-building activity open to anyone interested in building a “tendejón” (tendayu) structure to serve as a relational space and a place for activities sheltered from the weather.

Using local materials and traditional techniques such as structural assemblies without nails, typical of Asturian horreos, a self-supporting structure is created, to which a living plant cover will be added in future workshops, using the “teitado” technique.

The design and process is guided by the self-constructor Rens Willet in collaboration with the Zoohaus Collective.

Low-tech architecture studies and analyses construction techniques and materials from the past, applying them from new perspectives to achieve buildings that maintain current efficiency needs, introducing environmental and social considerations into their processes.

“The low-tech system is based on three principles: promoting the use of local materials, adopting techniques from the past that are on the verge of disappearing, and making these techniques available to everyone. Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

The ecoLAB food group offers a picnic.

Information: / 985 185 577

Activity subsidised by the Regional Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Government of the Principality of Asturias.