Do you dare to beat the guitar solo record?

7th october 2012 – 25th february 2013

Dare to beat the world record or set the local record

German artist Thom Kubli and LABoral invite interested people to set the Asturias guitar solo record. This call is part of Kubli’s work Record Attempt, one of the 12 pieces shown in the Active Presence exhibition.

Cheer up!

In Gijón, and until February 25, 2013, the date on which Active Presence closes, interested people may choose, upon prior appointment, to establish the regional record.

In addition, you can also choose to beat the world record that Kubli himself set at 17 hours, 21 minutes, two seconds in the early hours of October 6, coinciding with the opening of the exhibition.

All actions will be supervised by a witness and will be broadcast in real time through the web.

Conditions of participation:[+]

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