DKV Seguros Production Scholarship – Álvarez Margaride

19th october – 22th december 2015

We are looking for projects by Spanish artists, whose work uses new technologies

Objective of the call

The objective of this annual call is to grant a production residency for the realization of a project by a Spanish artist, born in or after 1975. This residency will have a maximum duration of two months (between April and June 2016), during the which the artist will have accommodation and a work space. The maximum amount per project will be €10,000 gross -€2,000 in fees and a production pool of €8,000-, in addition to access to all of LABoral’s technical and human resources.

The result of the residency will materialize in an exhibition at LABoral that will take place in the Exhibition Gallery between the months of June and September 2016. DKV will have the right to acquire the work resulting from the residency, if its committee so decides, by an amount that will not exceed 6,000 euros.

DKV Seguros and LABoral will work and promote the roaming of the piece to other spaces in the Spanish state.

You can choose

Any Spanish artist or collective whose work uses new technologies, in its broadest sense, born during or after 1975. In the case of collectives, at least one of its members must have been born during or after 1975.


The project must be submitted through the web platform:

The deadline for receiving proposals ends on December 22, 2015 at 12 noon.

The results of this open call will be announced on the LABoral website and by communication to the media.

Complete bases

Annex I: Production plan

Images and plans of space


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