DKV Seguros – Álvarez Margaride Production Grant

18th january – 1st march 2013

DKV Seguros and LABoral call this production residency for the completion of a project by artists who are either Spanish or resident in Spain

Objective of the Call

The objective of this yearly call is to award a production residency for the completion of a project by artists who are either Spanish or legally resident in Spain and who were born in 1971 or later.

This residence will have a maximum duration of two months (between April and June 2013), during which the artist will be provided with accommodation and a work space. The maximum project budget will be €10,000 gross – €2,000 for fees and a production fund of €8,000 – as well as access to all of LABoral’s technical and human resources.

The results from the residency will be brought to fruition in an exhibition at LABoral which will take place at the Galería de exposiciones [Exhibitions Gallery] (See plans and images here) from 21 June to 22 September 2013.

DKV will have the right to acquire the resulting work from the residency, if its committee so decides, for an amount not exceeding 8,000 euros.

DKV Seguros and LABoral will deal with and facilitate the travelling of the exhibit to other spaces in Spain.

Closing Date

The deadline for submission of documentation is 1 March 2013

Documentation should be sent to:

LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

Departamento de exposiciones: Beca de producción DKV Seguros – Álvarez Margaride

C/ Los Prados, 121

CP: 33394 Gijón (Asturias)

The results of this open call for proposals will be announced on the LABoral website ( ) and by press releases to the media.

The residency period, of up to two months, will take place between April and June 2013. The mounting of the exhibition, set up at least two weeks before the opening, will form part of the residency period.

The exhibition will be held from 21 June until 22 September 2013.

Check the complete Rules of the Call here [+]

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