Divergencia Diferente de Cero

Mariano Sardón

21 August 2001

Interactive Installation Variable Dimensions Courtesy of the artist

Divergencia Diferente de Cero is an interactive installation consisting of two books placed on pedestals in the middle of a darkened room. Words referring to scientific and artistic discourses are projected in different shapes and sizes. The system is activated by loud sounds made by visitors such as clapping, jumping or shouting. The system is triggered by the sounds captured by the sensors located in the exhibition space, which then project a sequence of images and words which fly from one book to another. Visitors’ actions succeed in splitting and confusing the texts scattered in the space, thus rendering a hybrid art and science discourse, while participants play at constructing new relations of meaning. Divergencia Diferente de Cero is one of Sardon’s early interactive works and has already been shown on two previous occasions. This is the first time it is exhibited internationally.