Diego Florez Alvarez

Composer and filmmaker

Born in Mieres, Asturias

Diego Flórez is a composer and filmmaker born in Mieres. He moved to Madrid for 5 years to train in the visual and sound fields, and his inclinations for nature and rural areas became increasingly accentuated during this period in the city. As a hybrid subject (in this territorial sense), he often seeks to explore in his work the tensions between the urban and the rural, as well as between the local and the global, the natural and the artificial… Interested in ecological and sound creation In field recordings, the latter inhabit almost all of his works, although they often share the spotlight with other materials, frequently obtained through digital synthesis. In this sense, the possibilities of computing, algorithms and controlled randomness are very interesting when it comes to emulating or evoking the “ordered chaos” typical of natural sound events. By presenting the listener with a synthesis of the natural or, through the opposite process (drastically processing the recordings), a synthetic nature, he tries to awaken reflections on our relationship with the environment and with our sound environment.