Design course. Rhino 3D_Rapid prototyping

26th to 27th march 2011

Design course. Rhino 3D_Rapid prototyping
Introductory course to the use of advanced digital design methods and manufacturing processes in an integrated way, which allows visualising the transition from the digital to the physical. The course will deal with the design of 1:1 scale prototypes in various materials, focusing on the transition between computer modelling and the materialisation of the physical object.

Introduction to the use of CAD-CAM software to make designs that can be manufactured in the FabLAB.

Timetable: from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Individual workshop: 100 euros
Price for the 4 workshops: 300 euros.

Participation in the 4 workshops of this course gives the right to use FabLAB at reduced prices or free of charge, depending on the licenses used in the creation.