Design, Composition and Performance with Musical Interfaces

Until 25 November 2018

We will discover different performative options and not just design techniques while each student proposes and creates their own controller.

The workshop is divided into three parts: design, composition and interpretation, in no pre-established order. We will understand that interface design is simpler if it is directed towards a musical intention. We will do interpretation exercises that will help us focus our designs. Finally, we will create a small collective sound work with the controllers that we will have produced.

Technically we will learn to develop code for Teensy, to manage sensors and to produce a professional controller with MIDI communication. Artistically, we will discuss instrument design and musical creation: what aspects define the sound work with musical interfaces and its interpretation. We will also listen to interpretations and analyze its key elements in the context of this workshop.

No previous experience or special knowledge is necessary.

Each student must have a computer (with any operating system).

Number of participants: 15

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