Design and manufacture of furniture

Until 15 November 2015

Participants in this workshops will work on a piece of furniture starting from the personalisation of a collaborative parametric definition focusing on the use of digital tools for sharing knowledge through the design of pieces that are useful for our daily life. This workshop will teach how to translate some traditional solutions in the design and manufacture of furniture and barandados into the digital manufacturing technology in simple personalised models.

Addressed to: Creatives, designers, artists, artisans, etc. Previous knowledge is advisable but not required, as we will be working with an intuitive module.
Dates: Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 of November
Time: From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Venue: Aula 1 and fabLAB Asturias, LABoral
Participants: 12
Registration: Activity free-of-charge, following registration and submission of a brief letter of interest
Conducted by: Juan José Olmo Bordallo, architect and responsible for Ehcofab. Laboratorio de fabricación digital, Sevilla (SP). His research focuses on the relationships between digital fabrication, ecology and the alternative media of material production.