Derrocar el poder

Avelino Sala

30 April 2009

DVD video. Edition of 9. 2, 35 min. Acknowledgments: Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura.

Over the last two years Avelino Sala has been working on a mainly photographic series in which, somehow, he catalogues the different locations of representation of imperial power through one of its most favoured symbols: the eagle. Two photographs from the series are coupled with a video which also features the omnipresent symbol of the recent past, located in the central courtyard at Universidad Laboral. Here, the eagle seems familiar to those who experienced this recent past and is, therefore, a persistence of memory as an imposition. The action in the video is also of a symbolic nature, since the attempt to dismantle the coat of arms of the Franco regime becomes impossible and a metaphor of the political transition to democracy.