Dark la eMe


MC, DJ, producer, announcer and musician, Mario Fueyo is one of the precursors of the movement in the region.

He was the first to publish a hip hop CD in Asturias in 2001 and directed one of the first radio programs in Spain specialized in the movement, on various stations in Asturias and Madrid since 1996. He currently does his program on regional radio, although Mario above all is a musician.

He went on stage for the first time at the age of 14 with his blues band and since then he has cultivated practically every style imaginable, from folk to heavy, including rock, jazz, reggae and techno. In 1999 he performed with Stormy Mondays at the Woodstock festival and has been a musician for living rock legend Elliott Murphy.

This extensive experience in the musical field makes Dark la eMe a unique case within hip hop and gives their music incredibly varied influences.

On stage, Dark la eMe is accompanied by a band of up to 12 musicians, making his live performances one of the artist’s strengths.