Daniel Canogar


(Madrid, 1964) Lives and works in Madrid

A graduate in Visual Communications from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. His photographs suggest a subversion of the traditional parameters of the role of the spectator, involving him/her in the very configuration of the work. Canogar tackles the big concepts of 21st century societies: the baroque nature of the electronic medium, the surplus of information or the society of the spectacle. His work has been exhibited at Photosynthetic Remembrance, Galeria Filomena Soares, Lisbon (2006); La Panera, Lleida, Spain (2005); Art + Public, Geneva (2004); Cairo Biennial; European Media Arts Festival, Osnabrück, Germany (2003); Oboro, Montreal (2000); Offenes Kulturhaus, Center for Contemporary Arts, Linz, Austria (1999); Espace d’Art Yvonamor Palix, Paris; Centre d’Art Contemporain de Basse Normandie, France; and Axe Neo-7, Quebec, Canada (1996).