Cyril Meroni

Audiovisual artist

Coming from the music scene and trained as a special effects editor alongside the director Bruno Ulmer, then as a cameraman during many collective relational aesthetics projects, in his personal work Cyril Meroni experiments with the spatialization of sound and images.

Ranging from live audiovisuals to the scenography of shows and festivals, including numerous mappings and the production of two films, his creations allow him to explore different types of audiovisual narration. His artistic approach leads him to question the relationship between the precision of technology and the inherent imperfection of human action.

He has worked alongside Rioji Ikeda, Blanca Li, Anti VJ, Hubert Colas, and for the Exit, Fid, Le Festival d’Avignon, Le Bon Air… Co-artistic and technical director of the association Hexalab, he is also an independent trainer in post-production and video broadcasting software.