Curated by: From Spain to Design


From Spain to Design is an exhibition curated by Ángel Martínez, Gloria Escribano, Uqui Permui and Juan Lázaro.

From left to right: Ángel Martínez, Gloria Escribano, Uqui Permui and Juan Lázaro.

Ángel Martínez
Graphic designer graduated from the Escuela de Arte y Superior de Valencia; in 1998 he decided to create the Angelgrafico studio, where he develops corporate identity projects, web design, interactive books, packaging, exhibitions and catalogues, among others.

Gloria Escribano
With a degree in Philology, she works as a cultural manager and journalist specialising in culture, architecture and design. She is currently a contributor to ROOM Diseño (Spain), a design, architecture and contemporary art magazine.

Uqui Permui
Graduate in Communication and postgraduate in multimedia (UX). Since 1991 she has been a designer at and since 2020, associate professor at USC. She is currently vice-president of READ.

Juan Lázaro
Graduate in Fine Arts and Master in Cultural Management. He is currently the director of the design studio Arte_facto, where they develop design strategies applied to business. He is currently the president of READ.