Cuerpos 1.0


18 July 2010

Installation analogically and combinably reproducing audio, text and video, dimensions variable Acknowledgements: Nacho Sanz and Francisco José Fernández-Cueto López

The Cuerpos 1.0 project takes a practical approach to the relationship of the user with hypermedia. Using analogical media —apparently external to the world of Internet— the user interacts with the installation and in doing so can create a myriad of narratives containing a new semantic and a new syntax enabling expression. 
This new narrative structure eschews the two-dimensionality of the screen and allows us to search a new multidimensional environment on the scale of the human body, where there is a rupture with the linearity of the text as we know it, giving rise to an infinite number of possibilities of reading and composition from a limited and expandable number of elements.

The first phase of the project, and the one implemented to date, consists of three inter-connectable nodes associated with three concepts (body, space, action). In each one of the nodes, it is possible to complete the information of the concepts detailed through an audio player, a text projector and a video player, all analogical. 
Either through the options offered by each one of these media, or through the introduction of his/her own “print,” the user can generate manifold narrative options, endowed with meaning for the individual who interacts by switching nodes and devices on and off.