Cristina Busto

Plastic artist

She was born in Avilés (Asturias) in 1976

A graduate in Fine Arts from the Fine Arts Faculty in Cuenca, she lives and works between Asturias and Berlin. Since 2006, by fusing visual arts with video she has created a series of short stop-motion animations with illustrations, paintings and objects. In the same year she received the Injuve Audiovisual Creation Award for an animation film with painting, Plei; in 2008 she earned a special mention in Generaciones 08, Caja Madrid’s social responsibility programme, with La dulce alienación; and in 2009 she was awarded in the Anime section of the video competition En piezas, organised by Madrid’s La Casa Encendida, for Pruebas definitivas in which the artist was already combining painting, drawing and object animation.

As of 2010, in Berlin, the direction of her work changes and focuses on how the possibility of connecting the camera to the projector widens the scope for action, using installation as a space which is constructed to create moving images. An example of this is Movi-Miento, a journey with a camera along panoramic illustrations, which formed part of ‘Namber Nain, a project in contemporary illustration’, curated by Roberto Vidal at the Sala de Arte Joven, Avenida de América, Madrid.

In 2011 she won the LABjoven_Experimenta award with Generadores de sombras [Shadow Generators], a cube of rear projection screens with a film set in its interior which could be viewed from the outside spinning around it while the images were produced in real time from inside the cube. Her works focus on performance and the possibilities of sharing the moment and place of creation with the spectator. Two years ago she started to work collaboratively with the collective Unfall Schatten on combining shadow theatre with rear projection video.