Cristina Busto

Plastic and scenic artist


Originally trained in the plastic arts, Cristina Bustos uses stop-motion animation as a vehicle for vido art. After working in traditional animation, she discovered that every object is open to being animated, and that the possibility of making films on a shoestring budget opened up a whole range of possibilities for her. It is from that period that she made the videoclips Pruebas definitivas [Definitive Proofs], La dulce alienación [Sweet Alienation], Fallos de racor [Errors in Continuity], and Egocentrismo puro [Pure Egocentrism].

A time came when she became more interested in the scenic arts and her work shifted towards action, as she began to experiment with live filming. The possible combinations of drawing, video, installation and performance gave rise to the creation of live visuals. For Busto, her movements on stage with a camera in her hand, seeking images, were not only a means of generating moving images but were also a performance. It allowed her to create an atmosphere in which to generate the present, rather than the idea of narrating past experiences.

However, she has once again felt the need to work alone, to shut herself in her workshop to make stop-motion, and return to this far slower and more reflexive process. In 2015, she produced two animated pieces, El fracaso de la inteligencia [The Failure of Intelligence] and Disconnecting people. She is currently developing a video performance project called Everything is Dirty in collaboration with Ernesto Avelino Sáez Buitrago and Roberto Lobo, the two halves of the musical duo,  Fasenuova.