Creation laboratory: “About the flight of butterflies”

24th april 2021

In this workshop we delve into the exhibition When the butterflies of the soul flap their wings, conversing with some of their works through creation.

Have you ever thought about the drawings that form in your brain without anyone seeing them? How do you imagine them?

We are going to investigate the different drawings that our neurons create in movement. We will stop at our way of remembering, experiencing and how that memory and that experience travel a path in us.

What shapes are created in our minds when we think? Are they the same as other people’s?

In this creation laboratory we will approach the “butterflies of the soul” through projection, light and drawing.

Activity aimed at boys and girls from 6 to 12 years old. Each participant will be accompanied by an adult.

The workshop takes place every Saturday from 12 to 1:30 p.m. between March 6 and April 24

Number of places: 5 per session

Duration: 90 minutes

Price per session: €5

Registration: or 985 18 55 77Indicate the date on which you wish to hold the workshop

Taught by La Inopia

Lainopia is a research project in Art Education that has been developed in Asturias since 2015 in different educational and artistic spaces. It is part of a doctoral thesis research on Arts and Education.
Lainopia proposes a contemporary approach to learning art through the creation and development of Art Education sessions. To do this, we start from different artistic references (works of contemporary art, concepts, processes, procedures and/or languages) that we use to develop teaching-learning strategies that integrate creation, experimentation and critical analysis.

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