Corazón de ballena

Guillermo Braga

5 April 2024

Corazón de Ballena (2024) is a film-performance that uses various projectors and analogue mechanisms to create an immersive visual experience through the play with textures, atmospheres and the use of abstract languages, with the aim of exploring through the senses the mystery evoked by the forms of the ocean floor.
The piece is based on the idea of the whale’s heart as a poetic and mysterious motif, which constitutes an organic device capable of pumping blood to all parts of the body of the largest animal that inhabits our planet. Using mechanical analogue devices made during his residency, found and generated images, together with live sound, Braga presents us with an aesthetic experience that brings together the incredible and visceral aspect of the sea monsters.
During his residency, Braga has generated an archive of images and the fabrication of a system of propellers connected to several slide projectors that, when rotating, intermittently interrupt the image projected on a surface. This visual part is completed with a sound creation that is being developed in collaboration with Santiago Fernández and Samuel Fonseca.