Constraint City

Gordan Savicic

15 May 2008


Constraint City / the pain of everyday life is a critical performance in urban environments, addressing public and private space within the realm of everyday constraints. A chest strap (corset) with high torque servo motors and a WIFI-enabled game-console are worn as a fetish object. The motors tighten the straps when an enclosed wireless network is detected: the better the WIFI signal is, the tighter the jacket becomes. Everyday walks between home, work and leisure are recompiled into a static schizogeographic pain-map whose data is acquired from Google-Maps servers with automated script bots. By wearing the straight-jacket, the artist not only writes, but is at once also able to read the city code. The object itself presents a new genre, a mixture of a fashion apparatus, technical gadgetry, low-tech DIY object, sex toy and a sarcastic wearable media device.