Concert Abel Hernández (El Hijo)

30th january 2009

Concert during the inauguration of ‘Crisálidas’, by the artist Fernando Gutiérrez


After ten years of group adventures (Migala, Emak Bakia), Abel Hernández has been developing his solo project El Hijo for three years, with which he has published two EP’s and the album The Other Lives. In them there are songs about characters who develop between dreams and life experience, reverberated reflections of the world and human stories that, in some way, are related to the most recent work of Fernando Gutiérrez.

The Asturian artist has decided to invite you to musically guard the inauguration of Crisálidas, his installation for LABoral, winner of the LABjoven_Experimenta 2008 Award. Such a special and singular occasion, although it will include a handful of songs in acoustic format from the El Hijo repertoire, it will not be a conventional concert but rather a special sound and musical setting with something furtive and unpredictable.

Time: 8:30 p.m.
Place: LABoral Center for Art and Industrial CreationEntry: free