Benjamín Rodríguez Solares (Orson San Pedro)

16 November 2010


Orson San Pedro engages in an ironic reflection in his attempt to understand the true space of art within capitalism. As we know all too well, it is often difficult to understand what is actually being offered as an art object. And when speaking about interpretation, particularly significant is the reference to the incomprehensibility now associated with art. What should not be forgotten, however, is that art was never easy, not even for connoisseurs. Echoes of those mundane values of the art world are to be found in Orson San Pedro’s actions, but returned in their literality. In his work, San Pedro is critical with the discursive practices of the art world, trying to make use of their permissiveness, in the interests of a legality favoured by their validating condition. In this work, the artist uses a minimalist device to signal the space of action of those relying on a defence of human rights to confront the situations besetting society.