Coco Moya

Visual artist and musician

(Gijón, 1982)

Coco Moya is a graduate in Fine Arts by Universidad Complutense de Madrid and she has completed a Masters Course on Art and Research. She is currently enjoying and internship at the Department of Culture at the School of Fine Arts of that same university. Her work has been showcased in collective exhibitions such as Hacer de las Ttripas tripis, 2015, Bellas Artes, Oporto;, 2015, BBAA, UCM; EAV, 2013, Museo de Artes Decorativas, Viana; Arte Sonoro y Música 13, 2012, Nau Coclea, Gerona; or Analogic Magic Project, 2011, BaumanLab, Tarrasa, among others.