Cinema as overflow. Creative processes and video control tools in space

6th to 10th february 2019

Bego M Santiago (Santiago de Compostela, Galicia 1980) is an interdisciplinary visual artist, specialized in the use of light as a pictorial and sculptural tool. Her work explores the feedback between the real and the represented, through binomials such as: real / false, presence / absence and original / copy. For her, light is a tool of simulation and optical illusion capable of giving life to inanimate objects, blurring the limits between reality and consciousness. In her work she uses all the means that technology offers, without giving up traditional techniques, painting. and sculpture. Experiment with new types of screens and materials that enhance depth and three-dimensional optical effects. But also with the ludic, requiring the presence and action of the public, since the spectator is not considered as a subject of passive reception of the work, but as an active and necessary element that is part of it.

Workshop objectives:- Know and value the use of light-cinema as a pictorial and sculptural tool through the work of Bego M Santiago, his influences, the multidisciplinary techniques he uses, his evolution and his critical testimony on the current mechanisms of creation, production and reception of video-art.- Understand the keys to Expanded Cinema, its origins, its relationship with technology and poetry, its experimental base and its relationships with other arts.- Observe, interpret and reflect on how it influences selection of technical elements in the final result of the works, especially with new technologies: video-art, interactive video installations that invite public participation.- Contribute to the formation of personal taste, the ability to enjoy of art and to develop a critical sense, learning to express one’s own opinions and feelings regarding artistic creations.- Know basic and professional tools for creating video in real time and video control in space.- Acquire basic knowledge or means of mapping through Madmapper.- Learn about the personal projects of the participants in this field through sharing with the intention of generating synergies.

The workshop is aimed at: People interested in the audiovisual field as well as artists and designers who have their own project to carry out in relation to expanded cinema, video installation or audiovisual scenography. Although it is not essential, it is advisable to have some basic knowledge of video editing. If they wish, participants may present their projects during the workshop through their own material through sketches, images, videos, texts, etc.

Each participant will come with their laptop (Mac) and must install Madmaper, video control software (mapping) on ​​their computer in the space for which we have free temporary licenses for a period of one month.

Number of participants: 15

Activity subsidized by the Government of the Principality of Asturias

Project co-financed by:

Ministerio.Educ.Cul.DeporteEncac (fondo blanco)

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