Bruno Rousseaud

24 December 2004

Windshield, silver plating, stickers 75 x 142 x 15 cm

Bruno Rousseaud has made the automobile and the behaviour or personality of some of its owners and drivers the subject of much of his work. The connection between man and machine in relation to the automobile transcends in many cases the mere relationship of use, to unfold as a set of interactions between the nature of the car, the behaviour of its owner and the way it is driven. This play of transference of personalities is particularly visible in the aggressive, forceful or domineering behaviour that sometimes takes place behind the wheel. Rousseaud’s exploration of car culture thus focuses on the psychological territory in which social behaviour, relationships and character are manifested. Technology has always facilitated the emergence or development of sensations and attitudes of power and domination. Bruno Rousseaud’s proposal is directed towards this place of confluence between the technological and the pulsional, where psychopathologies linked to the automobile make their appearance.