Marc Vilanova in collaboration with Rodrigo Waihiwe.

16 January 2022

Sound Art Installation.

This sensorial and immersive installation reveals, through the use of technology, a dialogue between waterfalls and other living beings beyond the reach of human hearing. 

Waterfalls are the only continuous source of infrasonic frequencies found in nature. These frequencies can travel up to 400 km and are crucial for the navigation and orientation of birds during their migratory processes. Artificial sources of infrasound produced by humans and noise pollution interfere with this ancient link and disorient birds, generating an environmental imbalance. 

Cascade (2022) materializes the infrasound of the waterfalls through 128 loudspeakers, which are intentionally incapable of reproducing them due to their small size. In their attempt to emit the sound, they generate a vibration that translates into a luminescent optical fiber. The sound waves fall through the luminous strings and generate a movement similar to the flowing of water. The audience is invited to walk through the work and perceive this invisible energy by touching the strings and feeling the vibration on their skin, recalling our inherent connection with all forms of life on the planet. 

Artwork included in the exhibition Millennials, the media art of Generation Y.