Carmen Cantón

Artist, curator and director

She was born in Oviedo, in 1957. Lives and works in Madrid.

Carmen Cantón, in her work, has transformed her singular career in a social- museum project at great scale: an ambitious artistic project, an artistic concept that is transforming into a museum political movement – Alternative forest – Centro de Arte Ego & Serie 1. Designed with Victor Navarro. Centro de Arte Ego & Serie 2. Designed with Andrés Jaque and Iván López Munuera. Centro de Arte Ego en red, portable museum, a global network of cultural agents; Creando bosques, artistic action that, through the sponsorship of trees, seeks to create a large global forest in relation to the museum; Carmen Cantón Gallery, charity art gallery dedicated to the promotion and sale of works of art curators; or the collective (o o), formed with the artist Fernando García-Dory.