Carlos Monleón


(Madrid, 1983)

BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, M.A at the Royal College of Art, London.

Carlos works at various levels of bodily sensation and perception.
His current artistic research focuses on the evolutionary processes of the body that trace a connective line from microbiological organisms to the historical development of cybernetics and the current field of Artificial Intelligence.
This line passes through the processes of increasing digitalisation of the world and experience, a question that urges him to investigate the place of the body and viscerality in relation to contemporary aesthetics.

Carlos has developed projects internationally in institutions and galleries such as Autoitalia, Seventeen Gallery and Diaspore Project Space, London; HIAP Helsiniki, Hangar and Monitor Gallery, Lisbon; Studio X, Istanbul; Cráter Invertido, Mexico, and nationally in institutions such as Matadero Madrid, Ca2M or La Casa Encendida.