Carlos de Paz


Madrid, 1953

Born in Madrid and Almería by decision, he has been dedicated to photography since 1977. He has always tried to combine personal and professional photography, which has never been easy.

At a professional level, he was the official photographer of the National Dance Company, since its foundation in 1979. Freelance collaborator in numerous publications with editorial portrait work, concerts, theater, dance and fashion publications. For personal reasons, in the mid-80s he moved to advertising and in the early 90s he moved to Almería, to create and direct the photography department of one of the most important advertising agencies in Andalusia.

For creative and personal reasons, he definitively abandoned advertising and other commercial work in 2005, set up his own high-quality digital printing company for exhibitions and focused on his personal photography, which he combined with technical courses and workshops on photographic language.

In 2017, together with a group of students, they founded the Desencuadre Photographic Collective, which they chair until 2022. In 2021, Revista-D was created, a photographic publication, printed on paper, semi-annual, free of charge, of which He is its director and designer.

His eclectic character has led him to investigate the limits of the photographic medium itself, carrying out experimental works such as: Bodies of light (1985-1990), Pieces, portrait of a happy world? (2004), Photo-Graphias (2008) and Defragmentations (2005-2008).

He has held numerous individual exhibitions and published in different media and formats, highlighting the books La Danza (1984), Las Caras de la Piedra (2007), Agenda of the Millennium of the Kingdom of Almería (2014), Lives Found, 50 Years Learning to Look (2016), Everything’s Fine (2019) and Plastic Ocean (2022).