Call for the production of a series of four limited edition t-shirts

3rd – 13th february 2012

Addressed to the Archive of Asturian Artists

In 2012, LABoral intends to celebrate its fifth anniversary with a multidisciplinary program through exhibitions, concerts, workshops and various other activities. Also, as part of this program, LABoral seeks to energize its Archive of Asturian Artists and launches a specific call to produce the design of a special series of four (4) limited edition t-shirts.

The objective of the call is the production of a series of four (4) limited edition t-shirts, designed by creators who are members of the LABoral Archive of Asturian Artists. The theme is free, and two hundred (200) units of each of the four selected designs will be produced.

Of these 200 units per design, 100 will be distributed through a regional newspaper throughout the month of March; 60 can be purchased at a RRP of fifteen (15) euros; 20 will be delivered to LABoral for use; and the remaining 20 will be delivered to the author of the design. The fees for each selected design will be five hundred (500) euros gross.

Complete rules of the call[+]

Participation form[+]

Winners of the call:

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The Last Show, by Javier Bejarano. It shows the mutations and transformations to which a work is subjected during the creative process, through a proposal that is based on photography, collage, posters and painting to form a plastic crucible that “immerses us in a theater that represents his last function.”

Reset Effect, by Santiago Lara. It proposes a visual inquiry into “affect” as a renewing impulse in our society. To give strength and expressiveness to the design, the author has preferred to use only one ink on a greenish background.

Energy and waves, by Daniel Acevedo. Among a mass of antennas, energy devices and plants, the number five grows, symbol of the 5th anniversary of the Center for Art and Industrial Creation.

Error Data, by Íñigo Bilbao. A self-portrait of the artist made using a structured light 3D scanner, in which the scanning process is altered to cause errors in the capture.