Body/LAverinto Workshop

18th to 20th october 2011

In the workshop, a map and its particular readings will be traversed with formations, deformations, materialisations of each gaze in the exercise and practice of tools or clues.

We aim at the training of perception: of time, perspective, the handling of the zoom, the photogram, the sequence, the shot-sequence, shot-counter-shot, opening eyes in the whole body (towards a grammar of feeling). Reversing intention into attention = perception.

What matters is the awareness and the capacity of organic choice, also of contributions, synthesis and other occurrences that come to mind.

The meeting will be given by Sara Paniagua and Raquel Sánchez. With the collaboration of Mónica Valenciano.

From 18 to 20 October

from 17.00 to 20.00 h

Price: 26 euros

Registration here:

Tel.: 985 181 038

In collaboration with La Pecera and Festival DanzaGijón
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